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History of our School

The plaque over the old entrance to St. Andrew's School records that it was built in 1824. The street name 'church road' or 'church street' dates from the construction of St. Andrew's Church in 1821. Its land was bequeathed by Lord Richard Wogan Talbot of Malahide Castle for educational purposes (a primary school).

The number of children attending was low, there were a mere 17 males and 18 females enrolled, with an average attendance of 23, according to the report of the Commissioners of Public Instruction in 1835. It is interesting to note that St. Andrew's was originally referred to as a Parish School and not by its modern name. The original school is the general purpose room.

A small extension was built in 1870, another in 1987 and a further extension in 1999. A major extension to the school was completed in 2013 giving St. Andrew's school 8 classrooms and 3 resource rooms catering for over 230 children.