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RV Services Cookie Policy

Understanding Our Cookies Policy collects one type of information when you visit our website:

  • Website use information or "Cookies" - This information is aggregated information that is collected from users to measure website usage as well as personalise your experience. Cookies are small text documents that typically include an anonymous unique identifier. This identifier allows us to tell one user apart from another while still ensuring each user's anonymity. Unless you specifically provide us with Personal Information, you will remain anonymous despite your acceptance of cookies

Websites communicate with your browser when you visit, asking for permission to store cookies on your hard drive. You can control whether or not to accept cookies by setting up your Web browser according to enforce your preferences. Note that your browser will only allow websites to access their own cookies and not the cookies of other websites that may be stored on your computer. Our website may include partner-provided content such as advertisements. These partners may send their own cookies, over which we have no control over or access.

How Do We Use Information We Collect from Cookies?

Cookies are used for a variety of purposes. For example, we may use cookies to analyze visitor traffic patterns and determine which pages of our website are most popular. Cookies here are used to remember your display preferences on the accessibility bar. Cookies are not used to gather any personal information about you.

Opting Out of Cookies

Most web browsers allow you to configure your cookie preferences via the browser's settings feature. Learn more about cookies at

When deleting or blocking all cookies from a website, the website may not work as intended. You may opt out of Google Analytics tracings for all websites at

If you choose not to delete and/or block cookies from and continue to use the website, you are consenting to our use of cookies.