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Book Rental Scheme

The following books are available to rent on our Book Rental Scheme:

  • English Textbook
  • History Textbook
  • Geography & Science Textbook
  • Maths Textbook

There is a €10 refundable deposit required to join the Book Rental Scheme.

Each book costs €3 to rent.

If the textbook is returned in good condition the deposit will be carried over to the following year. Your deposit will be returned to you when you leave the scheme (at the end of 6th class or if you choose not to carry on using the book rental scheme). If the book is lost or damaged (torn or written on) your deposit will not be returned and it will be used towards the purchase of a new book. If you wished to carry on using the book rental scheme a new deposit would be required.

The books will be covered and will be labelled with the child's name. They will be given to the children in September and returned to the school in June. The children will be expected to take very good care of the books.

The scheme is optional but we urge parents to take part in it. The aim of the scheme is to bring down the cost of books for families. The money collected from the scheme will fund the purchase of more textbooks, thus bringing down the cost even further.